Racehorse Head and Neck Oil Painting Portrait

Oil Painting of the Head and Neck of a racehorse

Racehorse Portrait | 16 x 12"

by Brett Lohn

This oil painting measures 16 x 12 inches and was commissioned as one half of a pair of paintings to immortalise the owner’s stable of racehorses. Groomed and ready to race, this alert and eager horse has been portrayed to not only bring out his character but also to compliment the second painting in the pair.

Note how the different textures of the horse’s face are effortlessly captured with subtle brush strokes. Natural use of light gives precedence to the eye, thus revealing the horse’s personality.

Variations in the intensity of the light help to add depth to the portrait, resulting in an accurate and endearing record of a thoroughly cherished racehorse.

Brett is happy to undertake any commission to paint your horse. For more information you can visit his horse portrait page or email him for a free brochure.


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