Portrait in Oil on Canvas of Racehorse Head and Neck

Racehorse Head and neck painted in oil on canvas

Racehorse Head and Neck Portrait | 16 x 12"

by Brett Lohn

This 16 x 12 inch Head and Neck of a racehorse was commissioned as part of a pair of paintings to celebrate the owner’s stable. Painted in oil on canvas, in full racing bridle, we are drawn to the horse’s eye before marvelling at every hair that is painted on the coat around the star on his forehead.

The horse’s muzzle is equally sensitively painted as are the subtle variations in light reflecting off his coat.

Deliberately composed and painted to compliment the other portrait that formed part of this commission, this painting propels the horse’s character to the forward, creating a striking and enduring record of a cherished animal.

If you would like a portrait of your horse, why not send Brett an email or visit his horse portrait information page on this website.


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