Mediterranean Symphony

Ocean Waves Painting showing waves crashing on a mediterranean beach.

Mediterranean Symphony

by Brett Lohn

Measuring 26 x 48 inches, ‘Mediterranean Symphony’ draws together the many colours of the Côte d'Azur and weaves them simultaneously into an enchanting, captivating painting. My hope is that you’re pulled into this picture and can’t easily walk away from it.

The composition is taken from a viewpoint on the beach at Fréjus, a port town on the Mediterranean coast of Southern France. It’s a very beautiful part of the world.

But it isn’t the conventional postcard beauty of the area that drew me to set up my easel there. I was moved by my experience of the sea bowing graciously, as it introduced itself beneath gathering clouds.

To the left of the painting, on the horizon, we see the nearby town of Saint-Raphaël. The sky above is carefree, with light clouds scudding in the breeze. To the right of the painting, the weather is less predictable. A heavy shower draws a curtain across the light on the horizon, bringing with it the promise of a storm.

All of these colours, from azure blue to heavy grey, are reflected in the water. The sea imitates the sky, echoing the narrative unfolding above.

Notice that the footprints in the sand are not barefoot. Somebody has been walking in shoes and made heavy work of the journey. They’ve been focused on their destination and haven’t been aware of the beauty all around them. Very soon those footprints will be washed away. Was the trudge worth it?

Too often we spend our time concentrating on tomorrow. As a result, we are inclined to miss out on the opportunity that surrounds us today. This painting asks us to stop the trudge and turn aside; to open ourselves to the beauty that we would normally overlook.

Painted in oil on canvas, this piece took a full calendar year to produce, working six days a week. I have made a time-lapse film, detailing the development of this painting over a full year, from start to finish. The film lasts a little over two minutes and can be viewed on my Youtube channel (please subscribe!).

'Mediterranean Symphony' is available to buy as a limited edition print. It also features in my interior cushion range.

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