Racehorse Galloping - Pencil Drawing Portrait

Horse Art Pencil Drawing of a racehorse galloping

Horse in Motion Pencil Portrait | 36 x 24"

by Brett Lohn

This graphite pencil drawing of a racehorse in motion measures 36 x 24 inches and was drawn from a series of studies Brett made of a horse galloping.

Brett has chosen to portray the horse in the suspension phase of his gallop, giving the illusion that the horse is flying. This helps to accentuate the feeling of motion in this pencil portrait, as if we have to move our head to the right just to connect with the horse’s eye.

Again in this piece of horse art, as with so many of Brett’s equestrian pencil portraits, his drawing skills are used to great effect to render the feeling of texture. From the well-defined muscle, to the flowing mane, to the light reflecting in the horse’s eye, we can hear and feel this thoroughbred as he gallops past.

If you are considering commissioning Brett to create a portrait of your horse, make sure that you visit his horse portrait page.

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