Portrait of the Racehorse 'Kris'

Portrait Oil Painting of the Racehorse Kris

Portrait of Kris | 20 x 16"

by Brett Lohn

Measuring 20 x 16 inches, this head and neck oil painting is a portrait of the racehorse Kris. Brett met Kris during a visit to Plantation Stud, long after the champion miler had retired. It is the horse’s victorious, almost regal character, coupled with the wisdom of years that really comes across in this equestrian portrait.

As with so many of Brett’s horse portraits, the viewer is drawn in by the delicately painted horse’s eye, whose knowing gaze is fixed upon us. Ears forward, alert though relaxed, this horse art portrait purposefully challenges us to look closer, to feel the warmth of the breath from Kris’ nostrils, and to marvel at the grace and character of one of the greatest milers of all time, forever portrayed in this stunning oil painting.

A time-lapse film has been produced showing the development of this horse portrait from blank canvas to completion. Lasting less than two minutes, the film chronicles a full month of painting and makes for compelling viewing. It can be viewed here.

Kris passed away within a few months of Brett’s final visit. This is a prime example of why an equestrian portrait is such a vital and poignant record, preserving the memory of those who become such a huge part of our lives.

Kris’ notable victories included:

St James’s Palace Stakes
Sussex Stakes
Queen Elizabeth II Stakes
Lockinge Stakes

If you’re interested in having Brett paint a portrait of your horse, you can find more information on his horse portrait page. Or meet him at one of his exhibitions throughout the year.


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