Portrait of a Racehorse at Home - Painted in Oils

Horse Art painting of a racehorse in the grounds of a country house

Portrait of a Racehorse in the Grounds of His Owner's Estate | 36 x 24"

by Brett Lohn

This impressive oil painting was commissioned to celebrate a notable victory at Epsom Downs during the Derby Festival. The client requested the composition to involve his racehorse being portrayed in the grounds of his Oxfordshire estate.

The original painting measures 36 x 24 inches and requires the full gamut of artistic disciplines to be engaged on one canvas. A horse portrait, with a landscape and man made architecture all combine to give this striking painting a very personal feel for its owner.

Notice how, despite all that is going on in the painting, we are not distracted from the horse’s handsome face; we are, instead, drawn in by his eye. Only after admiring the horse are we invited to wander through the rest of the painting.

This painting was subsequently published as a greeting card for the client’s private use. This is a service Brett is happy to provide for all of his commission work.

To find out more about commissioning Brett to paint a portrait of your horse, visit his horse portrait page. Here you will find further information and a price list.

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