Portrait of a Grey Horse with Chocolate Labrador - Painted in Oils

Oil Painting of Grey Horse with Chocolate Labrador in a field

Oil Painting of a Grey Horse with a Chocolate Labrador | 24 x 18"

by Brett Lohn

This oil painting was commissioned as a wedding gift from groom to bride. Measuring 24 x 18 inches, it features a portrait of the owner’s grey horse alongside her uncle’s chocolate Labrador. The pair are portrayed at the grey’s home, turned out in his favourite field, with Epsom Downs Racecourse featured on the distant horizon.

The challenge with this portrait was to paint the horse and the dog in close proximity, reacting to each other naturally, without appearing like a posed portrait. By painting both animals behaving naturally, their personalities are able to dominate the painting without anything appearing contrived.

Brett’s ability to paint landscapes with great skill brings an extra dimension to the reality of this painting. He paints no more or less detail than the eye instinctively sees. This enables the horse and dog to naturally take centre stage in the painting without sacrificing any of the beauty of their surroundings. The resulting portrait is an oil painting with great depth and an almost living, breathing reality.

Brett is happy to paint horse portraits with or without a landscape background. His landscape work needs no introduction or explanation and can be seen extensively throughout this website in the online art gallery.

If you’re considering commissioning a portrait of your horse, please visit Brett’s horse portrait page on this site. Or you can email him directly to discuss your requirements or request a brochure.


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