Pencil Portrait of Two Grey Ponies

Horse Art Pencil Drawing

Intimate Pencil Portrait of Two Grey Ponies | 24 x 18"

by Brett Lohn

This sensitive drawing of two grey ponies measures 24 x 18 inches and shows how effective it can be to have a portrait of two horses together. Sometimes two separate horse portraits are preferable but in this instance, as the two were stable mates and lifelong friends, they lent themselves perfectly to a double horse composition.

Brett is able to convey much of the friendliness and warmth of the character of these horses through the positioning of their heads and delicate portrayal of the eye.

This is why Brett prefers to view the horse in person when creating an equestrian portrait and to be able to ask and learn about the horse’s personality. There is so much more to a successful horse portrait than simply capturing a likeness.

If you would like Brett to create a portrait of your horse, there are further details on his horse portrait page.

Alternatively you can email Brett to discuss your ideas or request a brochure.


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