Pencil Portrait of a Horse's Head

Beautiful Pencil Drawing Portrait of a Bay horse's head

Pencil Portrait of a Horse's Head | 16 x 12"

by Brett Lohn

In this 16 x 12 inch pencil drawing we can see how delicate use of graphite pencil is employed by Brett to produce a sensitive and intimate portrait of a handsome horse. The horse’s personality and character are strongly portrayed through delicate shading of the eye and mouth.

Again with this horse portrait we are treated to an orchestra of different textures that combine to portray a beautiful and accurate representation of a well-loved horse.

If you would like Brett to produce a drawing of your horse, why not visit his the horse portrait area of this site?

Feel free to email Brett with any questions or to request a brochure. You can also meet him at one of his exhibitions throughout the year, where he will be delighted to discuss any aspect of his work.


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