Ponder The Path

Mental Health Art painting of an elderly gentleman being led by the hand through long grass by a young woman in green
Ponder The Path

by Brett Lohn


At 20 by 38 inches this is the smallest oil painting in the ‘Tuiscint’ series and also the most simple in composition. The shape of the canvas is unusual for such a painting, lending it an elongated, horizontal span. The viewer is left feeling almost as if we are spying on the two figures through a restricted opening.

The canvas is divided roughly into two halves. On the left we see the figures walking together. Though their hands are joined, one is definitely being led. Where the female was previously holding a stone, she now gently guides the man through an undulating grassy swell that replicates the motion of an enthusiastic tide.

The sun dominates the right hand section of this painting, its warmth resting on the backs of the figures’ necks, as for the first time in the ‘Tuiscint’ series we see a cloudless sky.

Looking closer

A calm sea frames the two figures’ hands where they join, helping to create a very definite focal point. We are encouraged to study the hands more closely. Are they really holding each other or has one reached out to be taken by the other? The man’s free hand is clearly empty now but what is concealed within the woman’s closed fist?

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