Le Parfum Sur La Brise D'Été

Lavender fields and village oil painting showing the old french village of Banon surrounded by fields of lavender
Le Parfum Sur La Brise D'Été

by Brett Lohn


It’s possible to stand in peaceful solitude in this lavender field and observe the life of the nearby village, almost as if you’re witnessing two separate worlds: the tranquillity and heavy scent of the July lavender field in contrast to the nearby manmade walls of regulations and existence. Both have their beauty but Peace is far more easy to encounter among the praising lavender.

The challenge of this lavender painting is almost a dare to step beyond the manmade walls of expectation, behind which we often take shelter, and to step into Freedom. To relax and not look at the hour but instead to examine what we do with the time.

Perhaps then we can reassess our goals, realign our hearts and maybe even unearth our purpose.

'Le Parfum Sur La Brise D'Été' is available to buy as a wall art print.

Canvas art print featuring a painting of a village nestling in a Lavender field in Provence, France. The print is framed.


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