Le Parfum Sur La Brise D'Été - Lavender Painting

Brett Lohn

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  • Translated loosely as 'The Scent on the Summer Breeze' this beautiful picture opens a window on the South of France.

    As we linger beneath the shadow of a friendly summer cloud, finding brief refuge from the afternoon heat of the Provençal sun, a quintessential ‘village perché’ relaxes gently on the lavender lawn before us. Its buildings yawn sleepily from beneath another passing shadow, while our nostrils imbibe the heavy scent of July lavender carried on a gentle mountain breeze.

    By taking an opportunity to reach beyond the confines of the manmade, and to observe distant routine from the position of Creation’s peaceful embrace, we can reassess, realign and refresh.

    Pour ceux qui veulent connaître le nom du village dans le tableau, c'est Banon.

    Available in two sizes (plus a very special panoramic canvas print), this striking picture has identical dimensions to 'La Chaleur et Le Coeur de La Provence', meaning that both pictures can be purchased as a pair if desired. It is lovingly produced both on 390gsm stretched canvas and 270gsm archival paper.

    • Fine Art Giclee Print available either on stretched canvas or archival paper. Produced, colour matched and printed by the artist himself in his studio. Limited to 250 copies worldwide, of which 50 are Panoramic Size archival paper, 100 are A2 size archival paper and 100 are printed on canvas. Each print is hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn.
    • Overall Canvas Print size: 76cm x 45cm Gallery Wrap. 38mm stretchers.
    • Overall A2 print size: 59.4cm x 42cm. Actual Image size: 51 x 31cm.
    • Overall Panoramic print size: 84cm x 58cm. Actual Image size: 76 x 48cm.
    • Framing options available, delivered worldwide. External frame dimensions are 72 x 55cm approximately for the A2 print, 82 x 52cm for the Canvas print. Each frame is handmade by the artist, Brett Lohn.
    • Please note that due to overall size, Framed Panoramic Prints cannot be mailed. They are availale for local delivery only within Surrey and the surrounding area. Please email Gallery@WhoseArt.com with your delivery location before purchasing a Framed Panoramic Print.
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The Fine Art of Brett Lohn

Brett is based in the South East of England and exports his art worldwide. As well as producing the original oil paintings and pencil drawings that form the core of his stunning portfolio, Brett also creates the limited edition prints and even frames them himself. He insists on using the highest quality materials, inks and archival processes available. Every piece for sale on this site has been produced by the artist himself.



  • Every print is individually printed by the artist in his studio.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn
  • Highest quality materials
  • These images are not available anywhere else.