Horse and Rider - Ceremonial Mount - Formal Portrait

Horse and Rider in Ceremonial Uniform

Formal Portrait of Rider on Ceremonial Mount | 24 x 18"

by Brett Lohn

This impressive portrait shows a distinguished public servant aboard his ceremonial mount in the heart of London. Measuring 24 x 18 inches, this portrait is painted in oil on canvas and marries Brett’s accomplished landscape painting skills with his mastery of horse portraiture.

To accentuate the stature of an already impressive horse, Brett has composed the portrait from a lowered position. This adds to the formal nature of the painting, also hinting towards the elevated rank of the horse’s rider.

Composed in a publicly accessible part of London, the artist was able to sketch and create the background to the painting from life. This is Brett’s preferred method of painting and helps to add life and depth to any composition.

You can discover more about commissioning Brett to produce a portrait of your horse by visiting the horse art portrait page of this website.

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