Dreaming pencil drawing showing a young woman daydreaming as she lies with her eyes open. She is peaceful & preoccupied

by Brett Lohn


The inspiration behind this drawing was a desire to explore that private inner world in which all people seek shelter from time to time. Things do not appear markedly different externally, but from within any number of vivid emotions are being felt, or even suffered.

With this drawing Brett really seeks to question the processes of the mind and how they are concealed from casual bystanders, whilst occurring in such close proximity. Our relationship with the young woman is purely visual and yet we know from her expression that she is engrossed in something within; something about which we are intrigued, yet realise that it is not our business to explore.

By creating this piece of art in monochrome, the artist has ensured that we cannot be easily distracted by the woman’s beauty. We must focus on her five senses, as they are all that we are presented with. Her eye, mouth, ear and nose are rendered with great sympathy. The further delicate treatment of her skin with graphite pencil makes reference to her fifth sense in such a way that we want to reach out and touch. Brett is asking us to question her senses by using our own.

Her expression, whilst enigmatic, is far from aloof. She is detached but only because she is engrossed. Although this pencil drawing is constructed in shades of grey, there is a hope that emanates from the woman, bringing colour and warmth to the picture.

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