La Chaleur et Le Coeur de La Provence

Lavender fields painting in oil on canvas showing rows of lavender in a field. The weather is warm and the breeze still
La Chaleur et Le Coeur de La Provence

by Brett Lohn


Sometimes you come across a landscape and you think, “Actually, I could spend a very long time here.” That’s the way I often feel about lavender fields, especially remote ones. Although not naturally occurring, the straight lines of richly coloured lavender form a wonderful contrast to the less formal but greater beauty of nature. It’s all a contrast to the sights experienced in the daily lives of most of us.

With this Lavender Fields oil painting we are encouraged to be still: to step out of our daily existence for just a moment and rest among the lavender; to feel the heat of the Provençal sun on our backs and listen to the cicada.

In these moments it’s always a two way experience. As you relax and release your burdens for a moment, what do you receive in return? What is it that perhaps we’ve lost sight of in the daily grind of life? What do we want back?

The answer is rarely ‘material goods’. Few people reach the end of their span wishing that they’d spent more time at the office.

'La Chaleur et Le Coeur de La Provence' challenges us to release ourselves from the familiar grind and to raise our sights; to seek Something more enduring.

A time lapse film has been made of the creation of this oil painting. Visit our Time Lapse Art page to watch it now.

'La Chaleur et Le Coeur de La Provence' is available to buy as a canvas art print.

Lavender field canvas art print shows a beautiful oil painting of rows of lavender in Provence, France. Canvas print is framed


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