The Watchkeeper

Brett Lohn

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  • This is the first painting in the ‘Tuiscint’ series and it takes us to the West Coast of Ireland. Silhouetted beneath a granite sky we see a lone figure, her face turned from the sun’s longing grasp, gaze set towards the Atlantic.

    Although striking, the sky is far from unusual for this part of Ireland. Behind the figure’s head we see the silhouette of Ben Bulben, part of the Dartry Mountains, dominant over this area of Co Sligo. On the horizon ClassieBawn Castle – summer home to Lord Mountbatten, with so many memories, clings to the Head, as hopeful shards of sunlight skirt nearby.

    The rich green colour of the grassy Head is exaggerated by its contrast to the slate grey sky. All the while, though threatened by the upset of an Atlantic storm, the sun’s warmth persists in softening the landscape, bringing the female figure into sharp relief. The burnished lustre of her hair frames a purposeful, surveying stare.

    She is not searching, she is watching.

    Our eye is led into this painting by the path skirting the edge of the grassy headland. We are then encouraged across the crest of glistening water that meets the path’s edge, and on towards the sunlight, as it splits the sky’s burdened underbelly.

    We are led beyond the figure as if she is aware every bit as much of us, as we of her. She is unperturbed by all that is going on around her now and all that has taken place in the recent past.

    As this series of paintings unfolds we begin to understand more clearly where her gaze has settled. Where her name has been called.

    • Fine Art Giclee Print available either on stretched canvas or archival paper. Produced, colour matched and printed by the artist himself in his studio. Limited to 250 copies worldwide, of which 125 are on A2 size archival paper and 125 are printed on canvas. Each print is hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn.
    • Overall Canvas Print size: 76cm x 45cm Gallery Wrap. 38mm stretchers.
    • Overall A2 print size: 59.4cm x 42cm. Actual Image size: 51 x 31cm.
    • Framing options available, delivered worldwide. External frame dimensions are 72 x 55cm approximately for the A2 print, 82 x 52cm for the Canvas print. Each frame is handmade by the artist, Brett Lohn.
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The Fine Art of Brett Lohn

Brett is based in the South East of England and exports his art worldwide. As well as producing the original oil paintings and pencil drawings that form the core of his stunning portfolio, Brett also creates the limited edition prints and even frames them himself. He insists on using the highest quality materials, inks and archival processes available. Every piece for sale on this site has been produced by the artist himself.


  • Every print is individually printed by the artist in his studio.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn
  • Highest quality materials
  • These images are not available anywhere else.