Lest You Strike Your Foot

Brett Lohn

    • Fine Art Giclee Print produced, colour matched and printed by the artist himself in his studio. Limited to 250 copies worldwide, each hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn.
    • Overall print size: 59.4cm x 42cm (A2). Actual Image size: 51 x 31cm.
    • Framing options available, delivered worldwide. External frame dimensions are 72 x 55cm approximately. Each frame is handmade by the artist, Brett Lohn.
  • This painting is the second from the Tuiscint Collection and is composed on the Ards Peninsula, on the northeast coast of Ireland. Its composition is unusual in that we, the viewer, are at eye level with the figure’s pointing foot. The shape of her leg is repeated several times in the rocky formation behind her. On each occasion the echoed angle becomes more obtuse until finally, in the grassy band that spans the horizon, it runs parallel with the sky.

    Where the right side of the figure was hidden from the sun in ‘The WatchKeeper’ we now see her bathed in light. Her hands, carefully holding a stone, replicate those of the man in the next painting,‘The Dusk House’. However her burden is much lighter, almost one of empathy for his, as if she has perhaps prepared a replacement for him.

    This limited edition print is a testimony to Brett’s observation skills and his ability to render paint ‘as the eye feels’. The artist treats the rocks themselves with great sensitivity. You can feel not only their texture but also their warmth as they stand baking in the gentle Irish heat.

    This print makes a powerful and thought provoking conversation piece in any space. It is lovingly produced on 270gsm archival paper.

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The Fine Art of Brett Lohn

Brett is based in the South East of England and exports his art worldwide. As well as producing the original oil paintings and pencil drawings that form the core of his stunning portfolio, Brett also creates the limited edition prints and even frames them himself. He insists on using the highest quality materials, inks and archival processes available. Every piece for sale on this site has been produced by the artist himself.



  • Every print is individually printed by the artist in his studio.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn
  • Highest quality materials
  • These images are not available anywhere else.