Grey Horse Head Portrait

Brett Lohn

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  • This print captures the warm personality and the subtlety in colour and coat of a grey at close quarters. A triumph of character and detail, the viewer cannot help but engage with the subject.

    Brett says:

    Greys are emotive for many people in the equestrian world. It is for this reason that I particularly relish the opportunity to paint them. No painting of a grey is unloved. However they also require a lot of attention to detail. Where the sun reflects on a grey’s coat it can appear very white and offer little for the artist to get his teeth into. The other side of the coin lies with the eyes of a grey horse. Surrounded by a much lighter colour of coat the eye can communicate great depth and personality.

    In this painting I sought to convey the gentle nature of the horse through the way that the light reflects in his eye. The delicate pink colouring to his muzzle helped me to highlight the shape of his mouth and consequently provide further emphasis to his easygoing nature. His fine coat also lent itself well to the differences in light and the portrayal of markings which one associates with a grey. The end result is a portrait full of charm and character that epitomises both the appearance and personality of the horse.

    This hand signed open edition lithographic print makes a powerful statement in any space, whether you love horses or just want to introduce grace and beauty to your walls. It is lovingly produced on 300gsm archival paper. It forms a pair with Brett's print 'Bay', also available on this website.

    • Open Edition lithographic Print.
    • Overall print size: 43cm x 35cm. Actual Image size: 35.5 x 28.5cm.
    • Framing options available, delivered worldwide. External frame dimensions are 52 x 45cm approximately. Each frame is handmade by the artist, Brett Lohn.
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Brett is based in the South East of England and exports his art worldwide. As well as producing the original oil paintings and pencil drawings that form the core of his stunning portfolio, Brett also creates the limited edition prints and even frames them himself. He insists on using the highest quality materials, inks and archival processes available. Every piece for sale on this site has been produced by the artist himself.



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  • Hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn
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