Horse Portraits

With over 20 years experience of painting horses professionally, my portfolio encompasses everything from livery ponies, to Derby winners, to the Prince of Wales' favourite polo pony. Producing commissioned horse portraits that thrill their owner is something about which I am passionate.

My goal is for the horse’s presence to be strongly felt in my paintings and to couple this with an excellent physical likeness.

See examples in my horse portrait gallery.

Your horse can be painted in a landscape setting, racing, or as a more intimate portrait, focusing on the head and neck. Horse portraits are completed either in oils on canvas or as pencil drawings.

Watch This Time-Lapse Video of One of Brett's Oil Paintings in Progress

Guide Price list for 2023:

Head and Neck Horse Portraits - Oil on canvas:

14" x 10" £1450

16" x 12" £1950

20" x 16" £2950

24" x 18" £3750

Head and Neck Horse Portraits - Pencil Drawing:

14" x 10" £545

16" x 12" £795

20" x 16" £1250

24" x 18" £1750

Full Body Horse Portraits - Oil on canvas:

16" x 12" £3450 - Plain Background. £4750 - Landscape Background.

20" x 16" £4450 - Plain Background. £6950 - Landscape Background.

24" x 18" £6450 - Plain Background. £9950 - Landscape Background.

Full Body Horse Portraits - Pencil Drawing:

16" x 12" £995

20" x 16" £1450

24" x 18" £1950

Larger sizes are my speciality and can be quoted for upon request. Don't forget to check out further examples of my horse portrait commissions.

For more information, or to receive a no-obligation quote, please email me at

"February Gallops" Oil on Canvas. 30" x 20"

The Process

After agreeing the type of horse portrait that you would like, in the first instance I will come and view your horse, primarily to sketch and photograph.

Photographs are quite tricky and not something I’m particularly keen on, because the lens easily distorts a horse’s proportions. However they are a useful form of note taking, especially when the horse has been groomed. Colour swatches are also made on site where possible.

Obviously there are sad circumstances where the horse can no longer be viewed in person. On these occasions I am confident of producing a portrait of the very highest quality, working purely with photographic references.

Horse portrait oil painting of a grey thoroughbred with a chocolate labrador.

I can spend as little or as long on site with your horse as is convenient. I am aware, especially with racing yards, that time can be tight and any distraction to the horse’s routine is undesirable. I can easily fit in with whatever suits best.

Often so much of our affection, our time and our finances are invested in our horses. To possess a beautiful painting of them, an accurate, character-filled portrayal that can be viewed time and again, at home or at work, is a wonderful reminder of why we devote so much of our lives to these magnificent animals.

For more information, or to receive a no-obligation quote, please email me at