Disaster At The Derby

‘Final Furlong’ was a 44 x 24 inch oil painting that took a full year, working six days a week, to produce. Brett conservatively estimates that more than 2500 hours were spent creating the painting.

On Friday June 2nd 2023 at 3:01pm, at Epsom Downs Racecourse, ‘Final Furlong’ was destroyed in less than thirty seconds.

It is an extreme privilege to exhibit art at the world’s most prestigious flat race meeting. During the Derby Festival, Brett’s work is shown in the Queen Elizabeth II Stand, displayed alongside the Derby Trophy.

The aim of the exhibition is to add an extra dimension of entertainment to the Derby Festival. None of Brett's original art works are offered for sale.

TV Camera Crew Filming Brett Lohn Painting at 2023 Epsom Derby

This media crew were among the last visitors to see 'Final Furlong' intact.

On June 2nd 2023, at 2:55pm, Brett briefly left his wife at his exhibition and went to view the horses going to post for the Coronation Cup, a prestigious Group 1 race held every year on the first day of the Derby Festival.

At 3:02pm Brett received a phone call from his wife, telling him to return to the exhibition immediately. Somebody had experienced a violent medical episode and lunged head-first into ‘Final Furlong’. They were currently receiving medical attention on the floor. ‘Final Furlong’ was severely damaged.

Oil Painting Destroyed At 2023 Epsom Derby Festival

Some of the Damage Sustained by Final Furlong

Brett says: “I returned to a scene of carnage. A body lay on the floor, surrounded by ambulance staff. Concerned bystanders were gathered around. There, also, lay ‘Final Furlong’, knocked from its specially weighted easel and lying dented, but not punctured, on a metal rope rail that had been placed to protect it. In their eagerness to assist the patient, people were treading on and leaning against my oil painting, with only my wife vainly trying to protect it.”

Witnesses later stated that the lady who had suffered the ‘episode’ would have received serious head injuries on the corners of the Derby Trophy cabinet, had ‘Final Furlong’ not been in her path.

Brett subsequently learned that the person involved in the incident has made a full recovery. They have never made contact with him.

Brett Lohn Epsom Derby Art Exhibition

Brett's Oil Paintings on Exhibition at the 2023 Derby - an hour Before Disaster Struck

Security cameras, which are always trained on the area where 'Final Furlong' stood, for the protection of the Derby Trophy, had been moved in a different direction earlier that morning. Security staff had subsequently forgotten to turn them back towards the painting prior to its destruction.

The painting was not insured for the damage sustained and is a total loss. Brett has concluded that so much of the painting would need to be reworked, that it would be more economical to produce a new one. Final Furlong has therefore been put into storage, pending its final disposal.

The only remaining record of the painting is the popular limited edition print of 'Final Furlong' that is produced by, and available exclusively from, Brett Lohn.