Art for Hotels

Parting with large sums of money isn’t always a guarantee of quality when it comes to sourcing art for hotels. Excellent art sets itself apart from the vast majority of the market and creates an ambiance that cannot be counterfeited.

An excellent canvas print has far more impact than a competent original painting.

Brett Lohn only deals in excellence.

His canvas art prints are designed, produced, hand stretched and UV varnished in house, by the artist himself. There is no room for compromise.

If a frame is desired, Brett makes that too – and he’s been doing all of this professionally for over twenty years.

There is no such thing as a mass-produced print at Whose Art.

Framed canvas art picture in a hotel room with tasteful interior decoration of a clock and hotel table. This art for hotels is an oil painting of a beach.

Art that creates interest and enhances the bespoke nature of a space


If you’re serious about giving your hotel project a bespoke look, and quality craftsmanship is important, Brett is a master in his field.

There is no chain of collaboration when you approach Whose Art to find Art for your Hotel. You will deal directly with Brett.


This means that there is no waiting or email trail to find out if an idea is feasible. You are meeting the creator.

So if you’re moved by the art on this site and you have a project that would benefit from Brett’s unique flavour, make contact now.


Art for a hotel interior hanging on a white wall with white leather chair nearby. The hotel art picture features a painting of the sea on an art canvas

Convey an atmosphere of Excellence in any room

There is nothing vague about the art of Brett Lohn, nothing is compromised. His original oil paintings regularly take more than a full year each to complete.

Dedication to excellence on this scale is extremely rare among contemporary artists. The results speak for themselves and their impact upon the environment in which they hang is unmistakeable.

Brett Lohn’s art sets an atmosphere of purity and imparts an air of excellence, whilst retaining that feeling of warmth and light that make a space a special and enjoyable place to stay.

If you want your guests to really appreciate your endeavours in ensuring their comfort, there is no better statement than an engaging and uplifting piece of art in each room.

Hotel art picture of a beautiful canvas painting of lavender fields hanging on a hotel bedroom wall above an armchair. The hotel art painting is like a window.

Let your guests relax in the Freedom that a Brett Lohn piece of art brings


Brett’s canvas art prints aren’t just engaging and consuming to look at, each has the fabric of a story woven through it. There is far more meaning to each piece than purely the visual. Several of his pieces are connected by narrative.

This enables your guests to dig deeper into the environment they’re staying in and choose the level at which they connect with the art that surrounds them.

Time spent in your hotel, enjoying the extra effort that you have undertaken with interior design, can only be beneficial for your reputation.

So if excellence is the overriding quality that underpins your brand, allow Whose Art to help create an unforgettable environment for your guests.