About Whose Art

Whose Art is the trading outlet for all of Brett Lohn’s creative output. All of the work that comes under the Whose Art banner has been created, designed and produced by Brett himself.

Brett produces art of the highest global standard and his original works are collected internationally. Whose Art was born because Brett doesn’t want his art to only be enjoyed by a select few. Brett is passionate about the fact that he paints for everyone.

The Whose Art journey began with Brett wanting to find a way of sharing his art with people for whom art isn’t necessarily a priority.

Most people appreciate skilled craftsmanship but that does not necessarily mean that they want to own it. Brett wanted to know why.

In 2014 Brett began exhibiting at small local venues and showing prints of his work. He was adamant that the venues would not be galleries. They must be accessible to everyone, with no intimidation factor. Brett curated and manned the exhibitions himself, taking every opportunity to engage with passers-by and understand what they thought about his art and art in general.

Whose Art Gazebo On Location

The Whose Art 'market research gazebo' in action!

In 2015 Brett finally married his long-term muse and model and she began attending his exhibitions also. This helped Brett with his research, as people are often far more willing to be honest about art when they aren’t talking to the artist!

Whose Art soon published a range of greeting cards featuring Brett’s work and continued to exhibit at small venues to further Brett’s research. He began to exhibit at racecourses as well, any venue where people weren’t specifically attending to see art.

Brett also put his money where his mouth is: he sold his house and stopped selling his original paintings to an exclusive few. From now on he was only painting for the people.

Move forward to 2024 and Brett has now curated dozens of exhibitions at all sorts of locations from Country Fairs, to markets, to vineyards, to horse racing venues. He has personally set up and attended every single event, being present all day, every day.

Brett Lohn and his model

Brett Lohn and his model who became his wife.

As a result of these years of research Whose Art is now launching a range of soft furnishings and garments exclusively featuring Brett’s work. These are to stand alongside his wall art prints and greeting cards and are produced with no less care and attention to detail than his finest works of art.

Whose Art is making some truly beautiful paintings accessible to everybody. It’s an exciting journey and Brett really values your support. So please join us…

Whose Art apron collection