About Brett Lohn

Some of Brett Lohn’s paintings have taken an entire calendar year, full-time, to produce. So what is it that drives him to such extremes of dedication?

Brett is passionate that art shouldn’t only be available to a select few. Believing that art really does shape everybody’s culture, he feels that it should be accessible to all – especially those who think that art ‘isn’t for them’.

Brett also believes that art has a very direct impact on our health and wellbeing. Not all art is good for our health. Some of it is actually quite damaging.

When he’s standing at the easel, paintbrush in hand, Brett Lohn’s outlook is quite simple:

You wouldn't put obscured glass in a window overlooking a magnificent panorama. Nor should art deliberately limit what we can see.

Brett feels strongly that nature has reached a level of achievement that is without parallel. Nothing is accidental, nothing random. Any attempt to 'interpret' what we see through a series of vague brush strokes is a dilution of its perfection. To 'capture the essence' is not enough.

Brett describes his work as painting 'what the eye feels'. His work breathes and communicates with your spirit as much as it does with your eyes.

The outrageously handsome Artist Brett Lohn smiling handsomely.

Brett looking far better than he normally does!

Brett's paintings are natural, relaxed and built up in many layers of both oils and narrative.

Imagine a large window looking out onto a beautiful vista. Imagine the goosebumps felt from seeing that drama and beauty unfold in front of you. This is what Brett seeks to recreate on canvas.

His art demands that you take a moment to stop and breathe. Every painting has a story woven through it; sometimes a tale is told through a series of works.

Brett believes that the impact of beauty on the beholder is invariably positive. It brings hope, joy and light. It improves your experience of life. It is good for you, for your spirit and for your health.

Certain Art can help you to escape from darkness

Having graduated with an honours degree in Art History from the University of Sussex, Brett is familiar with contemporary interpretation and trends in modern art.

Brett carefully constructs his paintings to offer more than just the visual. Whilst they have a great deal to offer aesthetically they are also open to deeper interpretation.

More importantly, they are available for enjoyment by everybody, whatever your artistic belief or persuasion.

So please enjoy this website, enjoy my work and, if you can, pop along to one of my exhibitions. I'd love to see you there!